CVIP Inspection Services in Edmonton, AB

Trying to keep up with provincial and federal regulations? CVIP inspections are the crux of fleet managers and owner-operators. With Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd.’s authorized CVIP inspection service in Edmonton, AB, we’ll make sure your heavy-duty truck is operating within the legal parameters.

Diesel mechanic performing CVIP inspection in Edmonton, Alberta

Who Needs a CVIP Inspection in Alberta?

Commercial vehicles operating in Alberta and weighing 11,794 kg (26,001 lbs) or more are required to undergo regular CVIP inspections. These inspections are not only essential for the safety of drivers and other vehicles on the road but a legal requirement for fleet managers and owner-operators running a business in the province.

How Long Is a CVIP Inspection Good For in Alberta?

In Alberta, a CVIP inspection is valid for a period of 12 months. This means that commercial vehicles must undergo this inspection annually to ensure they meet the stringent safety standards set by the province. That’s why you need an authorized inspector to help you with CVIP inspections — our experienced mechanics thoroughly examine virtually all components of your vehicle, including brakes, engine, powertrain, driveline, suspension, fuel systems, exhaust systems, wiring and lights, tires, windshields and wipers, electrical systems, and even defrosters. We also check the structural integrity inspection of your truck’s frame to detect any signs of major collision damage that require repairs or replacement.

Your Authorized CVIP Inspection Station in Edmonton, Alberta

Mach 6 Mechanical Ltd. takes pride in being an authorized CVIP inspection station in Edmonton, Alberta. Our qualified mechanics possess the expertise and technical knowledge to conduct comprehensive inspections on a wide range of commercial vehicles. From 18-wheelers to tanker trucks, we have the tools and experience to ensure your vehicles are safe, compliant, and road-ready.

Areas We Service

As a mobile truck service, we bring our expertise right to your doorstep. Our mobile CVIP inspection services are available within a 150km range from our shop in Edmonton, Alberta, including areas such as:

  • Red Deer
  • Athabasca
  • Boyle
  • Smoky Lake
  • Vilna
  • Myrnam
  • Killam
  • Niton Junction
  • Camrose
  • Wetaskiwin
  • Leduc
  • St. Albert
  • Fort McMurray
  • Spruce Grove
  • And Sherwood Park

Wherever your operations take you, we're here to ensure your vehicles meet the highest standards of safety and compliance.

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Remember, regular CVIP inspections are essential for the safety of your drivers, the public, and the longevity of your heavy-duty trucks. Schedule your inspection today, and let us keep your fleet legally compliant!

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